February 22, 2021


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Social Media Influencers Must Declare Promoted Content, Says Ad Regulator

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New Delhi: Digital media influencers, Youtubers and celebrities promoting their favorite brands might have to be a bit more cautious going forward as a new draft regulation by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) stipulates that all influencers will have to declare if a product or a service is being covered as part of a promotion.
The guidelines say that advertising labels should be clearly visible for video content on all platforms, including mobile phones. For audio content, the disclosure will have to be announced before and after the content. In case of social platforms like Instagram, the guidelines suggest that the disclosure label be superimposed on the image. The content cannot be digitally manipulated to show the product in better light.

Influencers will also need to verify whether the claims being made in the advertisement are valid and can be substantiated.

Secretary general of ASCI Manisha Kapoor said: “The biggest part of the new rules is to tell consumers that you are watching an ad and not content. That disclosure has to be in a prominent position.”

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